Don't Underestimate Me
My name is Roy Mustang. I am the Colonel of the Amestris military force in Central. If there are any concerns then please file a report and I'll attempt to get to it. Otherwise if there's anything you'd like to know then ask. I am also known as The Flame Alchemist. I suggest you don't want to know why lest you pick a fight with me. Now then that'll be all for my profile, if you'd like to talk with me then go ahead and do so, it'd be my pleasure. [[Independant Roy Mustang Blog. Will RP with anyone, crossovers, Aus and the such. Answer any asks and etc.]]
“Stop calling me that! Now tell me what you want before I blow something up.”

"Temperamental like always ain’t cha full metal? What would you blow up other than that anger of yours anyways? You could always blow something."